Your move will be easier on you both if you make some advanced preparations, from seeking out pet friendly stops to setting up a spot specifically for your pet in your new home. These tips are designed to make the move stress free and allow you to quickly settle your entire family in your new home after you move.

Update Identification

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, update your pet’s ID tags with the new address and contact information. If your pets have an imbedded microchip for identification, update the database to contain your new address, just in case.


Prepare your New Home

Set up the litter box and any baby gates you use for pet containment before you bring your pets to the new house. If you have a yard, double check the fence and make sure there is no way for your dog to escape; a quick look at the home’s exterior is a must too – you could spot windows or doors that are open or easily pushed open from the inside.

Take it Slow

Use a pet carrier to safely transport your pet to your new place and cut his risk of getting lost en route. If you are moving long distance, then researching pet friendly stops along the way can make the trip easier on your furry companion. Once you arrive in your new home, keeping your pet in a single room or area can help him adapt to the new place and reduce the stress he may be feeling about the trip and the new environment.


Most pets adapt quickly to a new home, so getting there safely and making it through the first few days are the keys to a stress free move for you both.


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