Both pets and their owners love to play outside in the summer months. Just like you get hot, so does your pet. That is why it is so important to find ways to easily keep your pet cool this summer while still enjoying the wonderful weather. Use these tips to make sure your pet does not get overheated this summer.

Pet Bull Dog in Swimming Pool on Family Vacation

  • Always bring water for both you and your pet when you go out during the summer. Even if you think you will only be gone for a few minutes, you never know what may pop up and it is best to be prepared.
  • Keep the fresh, cold water flowing. Your dog may get really picky if the water is not cold or if the bowl has an unfamiliar smell so make sure they drink more of it and stay cool with fresh water and a bowl they know.
  • Get outside in the morning or late afternoon when it is cooler outside. Take advantage of the slightly lower temperatures during these times of the day and you can both enjoy it just a little bit more.
  • If it is hotter than 85 degrees, leave your pet at home. You may want to spend all day laying on the beach in the heat but your pet can get dehydrated fast in those temperatures. If they are out in this kind of heat for an extended period of time, they may not be able to cool down later.
  • When going out in the summer, try to avoid walking on hot surfaces like asphalt. For pets like dogs and cats, their paws are sensitive just like your feet are without shoes on. Keep this in mind and let them walk on the grass whenever possible so their feet do not get too hot.
  • Never leave your pet in a hot and unattended vehicle. As hot as it is outside, it is even hotter inside that car. Leaving your window down will not help much and you will end up leaving your pet in the conditions for overheating. Just leave your pet at home if you have errands to run.
  • Know the limits of your pets. If your pet is slowing down after playing for a while, you should take that as a sign that it is time to cool down and rest inside for a while.
  • Learn the signs of dehydration! It is important to know this so you can monitor your dog all summer long and make sure they get enough water.

Black and white border collie puppy drinkin in the water bowl.


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