It is widely assumed that pet ownership is a privilege that improves the overall quality of your life, but did you know that caring for a pet can provide numerous significant health and wellness benefits as well?

A great benefit to having pets is – believe it or not – it boosts your children’s immune systems. Children who have pets in their home are less likely to develop environmental allergies or allergic skin conditions. Studies show that exposure to both the allergens and the dirt that comes with having pets promotes a strong immune system.

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Alzheimer’s patients who live with pets are less likely to have angry or nervous outbursts than those who do not. Pets can provide familiarity and companionship to Alzheimer’s victims, lessening the devastating emotional distress that accompanies this debilitating disease.

Pet owners have extra motivation to be physically active. Walking your pets daily can promote weight loss, lower your blood pressure, and increase your metabolism. Physicians frequently recommend daily activity to manage diseases like obesity, type II diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.

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Pet ownership promotes positive self-worth. Knowing that your pet relies upon and values you for meeting their needs promotes an increased feeling of personal worth and value, which in turn produces confidence and motivation. It might just give you the extra confidence you need to ask for that raise or that phone number.

Owning and caring for a pet teaches responsibility. Children who own pets must walk, groom, and feed their pets on a routine basis. They learn the importance of schedules and routines and learn about consequences that result from failing to complete tasks or deadlines.

Bonding with your pet promotes comfort and happiness. Not only can pet ownership decrease the risk of developing depression, but pets are often recommended as part of the treatment plan for depression.

At Banning Veterinary Hospital, we understand the vital role your pet plays in your life.


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