Choosing a pet friendly hotel is a must when you are vacationing or traveling together, but “pet friendly” means different things to different properties. Being aware of some of the potential issues that could arise when you travel with your pet ensures the trip is exciting and fun for you both – and that you don’t get any surprises along the way.

3 Things to Consider When you Choose a Hotel for your Pet

Fees and Deposits: The property may welcome pets, but they may also charge additional fees or refundable deposits to do so. You should be aware that some properties charge more than others and that some fees will not be returnable. Make sure you get the full picture when you book so you are not surprised by fees or costs.

Room Privileges: What is offered to pet owners? Some hotels offer more options than others. Can your pet stay in your room, walk through the facility on a leash and enjoy the amenities or is he restricted to a kennel or crate most of the time. Can they stay with you in the room and easily access a spot for the bathroom without trouble?

Perks and Pet Amenities: There is a difference between allowing pets and truly welcoming and catering to them. Ask if the facility has onsite play zones, grooming, a pet spa or a boarding facility for when you are not there. The location of the hotel matters too – if you can access a space for exercise and walking, you’ll both be more comfortable.

Taking the time to research potential properties and their rules before you choose a resort will help you both enjoy the trip as much as possible. You will both have a great time and you will be able to travel without worrying about surprise costs or restrictions when you arrive.

Your pet needs to be up to date on vaccinations to travel safely; stop in any time to get your pet “hotel ready” and make the most of your planned trip.


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