Spring is here, which means long days, beautiful weather for walking and an excessive amount of pet hair in the house. The amount of shedding you have to deal with will depend on the breed, the number of pets you have and their overall health. These strategies are designed to reduce the amount of shed hair you have to deal with in the house this spring:

Brushing her Pomeranian dog

  • Brush daily: Brushing not only helps reduce the amount of shed hair you deal with, it leaves your pet’s coat soft and clean, too. Regular brushing with the right kind of brush for your pet will drastically cut down on the amount of hair you find in your home. A slicker, rake or glove might be just what you need to curtail shedding.
  • Check your food quality: Poor quality foods can impact your pet’s coat and actually lead to more shedding and hair loss.
  • Control fleas and seasonal allergies: Itching removes even more hair – and if your pet is uncomfortable enough to itch, they need help. Be diligent about flea removal and you could see less shed hair.
  • Commit to baths: Even dogs that hate baths will feel better afterwards; a bath not only helps him look his best, you can wash away all that extra, soon to be shed hair.
  • Get a checkup: Some shedding is normal this time of year, even in our mild climate, but if your dog is suddenly losing a lot more hair than normal, it could be time to pay us a visit.

Dog is examinated by vet in veterinary clinic

Shedding is a natural part of your dog’s healthy coat; the tips above can help reduce the amount of hair you find on your furniture, clothing and home. Contact us to learn more about controlling shedding related to health or allergies and anytime you need help with your pet.


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