One of the most frightening things that can happen to your pet is an accident or injury. Learning what to do in an emergency, and how to transport your pet safely allows you to prepare in advance for this scary situation.

Plan Ahead: In the aftermath of an accident or injury can be very chaotic, but it is important to remain calm. Assess your dogs’ condition, move him safely out of traffic if you can, and then call our office for help. Determine how you will transport your pet and who will help you. Gather supplies including warm blankets, a carrier, leash and his identification.

Stay Safe: Any pet that is injured and is scared can bite, even if he is normally very docile and friendly. Minimize your risk by speaking to him calmly and keeping your hands away from his face and head. Keep kids and any other pets away while transporting the injured animal.

Secure your pet: Securing your pet will prevent further injury; if he is small place him in a carrier or wrap him in a blanket to minimize movement. For larger dogs, if they can walk put them safely on a leash, if he cannot walk secure him in a large blanket and get assistance to transport him. A large dog may require more than one person to carry him.

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Get help after an accident

It is essential to have your pet seen after an accident or injury, even if you don’t see visible trauma. Prompt treatment will help ensure your pet has a speedy recovery and minimize recovery time. At Banning emergency walk-ins are welcome so you never have to wait to be seen in an emergency


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