Road Trip!

Taking our beloved four footed family member along on a vacation or day trip is fun…if accommodations allow…and the dog enjoys the experience. To make your trip memorable for all the right reasons, be sure to take the following steps:

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Secure your dog in a crate or pet seat belt.

A dog sitting behind the wheel of a parked car can be funny, but a dog riding unrestrained anywhere in a moving vehicle is not. If you think that holding your furball in your arms is protecting him, statistics sadly disagree with you. Over 100,000 dogs lose their lives in automobile accidents each year; most because they were unrestrained and flung around the interior of the car upon impact, or ejected into traffic. Crate your dog or secure him in a size appropriate pet restraint.

Make sure your dog has current ID

If he has a microchip, is your contact information up to date with the company? They will need to be able to get in touch if you are separated during your journey. Add a temporary ID tag to his collar, (next to the permanent one). Provide your name, address, mobile and home numbers and an e-mail address. Carry a current photo of your pet in the car as well; if he escapes, a picture provides the best description to others and can be shared by phone.

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Pack The Basic Supplies He Needs

Bedding, leashes, his medications, food and water dishes, a favorite toy and an ample supply of the food he normally eats. Don’t assume you can find his ‘brand’ at a store along the way; you may not be able to.

Make Frequent ‘Rest Stops’

Rest areas generally designate a space for pet use. Make sure no one opens a car door until the dog is securely leashed, then walk him for a while after he ‘goes’, he’ll feel better and so will you.  Feed him light meals when you stop; his stomach will travel better. No people food! Offer water at rest breaks.

Your pet depends on you; take the extra time to make sure his needs are met too before you head on down the road.


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