If allergy issues prevent you from having a fluffy, furry companion at home or you simply have an interest in snakes and turtles, a reptile could be the ideal pet for your home. Reptiles are still seen as alternative pets, but they are growing in popularity; with beautiful coloration, interesting body types and fun, interactive habitats, a reptile might be the right choice for your family.


3 Things to Consider When you Choose a Reptile as a Pet


Proper Housing

A reptile requires his own special environment, with the right level of humidity and additional features for warmth. Reptiles like snakes and turtles are not able to regulate their own body temperature, and the temperature of your home may be comfortable for humans, but far too chilly for a reptile pet. You’ll need a heat lamp or pad for your new pet’s tank to make sure he stays comfortable. Since snakes can be proficient escape artists, your tank needs a closed, secure lid to prevent him from getting out and potentially getting lost in your home.

albino Burmese python

Predation and Safety

We generally think of reptiles as predators – they are meat eaters and hunt in the wild, but your pet reptile could fall prey to the other pets in your home. If you have a cat, then your new reptile pet needs to be in a secured tank for his own safety…a curious cat could fish him right out.  Even dog owners need to take precautions; a dog with a high prey drive or high level of curiosity could knock over a small reptile set up and injure the pet housed within.


The girl with the Python albino on a white background


Choose a commercially prepared diet for your new reptile pet; if he prefers mice or other live prey, you’ll need to get these from the feed store or breed your own. You should not feed your pet wild animals; from pesticides to poisons, you won’t know what the critter you’ve captured could transfer to your pet snake. If feeding live animals doesn’t appeal, there are plenty of reptiles that do not require small mammals as part of their diet; look into dietary needs and preferences before you make your final decision on your new pet.

Reptiles can make fascinating companions, provided you care for them properly; keep our number handy when your new pet comes home –our vets are reptile friendly and can help you with all your veterinary needs.


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