It may not be quite as life changing as bringing home a human baby, but that adorable bundle of fur will cause some upheaval in your home, particularly in the first few weeks. Preparing ahead of time can help you get ready and make sure your new puppy is safe and happy in his new home.

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Collar and Leash

Socialization is a big part of your new pup’s development, but to take him safely for walks, to new settings and to meet new people, he needs a leash and a well-fitting collar with an identification tag. If you become separated, this could help you get reunited.

Baby Gates and Baby Proofing

Baby gates allow you to restrict access to parts of your home until your new pup is ready to explore them. They also make it easy to secure a relatively small location that you can fully puppy-proof and ensure that there is nothing that could be a hazard in his space. As your pup grows, he can be allowed to explore more places in your home. Ideally, his first territory will have tile floors that are easy to clean.

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Remove Hazards

Cords, small items that could be chewed and human food (including items that have been tossed into the trash) can be a risk to a dog of any age. Get down on the floor in any room you’ll be allowing your new puppy to access and take a puppy’s eye view of the things that could be eaten, chewed or climbed on and eliminate them from the space.

Setting up a secure, safe place and ensuring that your new pup has identification are all important parts of bringing him home. Toys, food and fun items may be more fun to shop for, but these essentials will make it easy to care for him and keep him safe as he explores his new home and family.


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