The weather is warming up fast and before you know it, it will be bug season. If your pets spend a lot of time outside, there are some precautions you can take to protect them from bugs like mosquitoes that carry diseases. It the temperature rises, so do the number of mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and other pests. Use some of these tips to help protect your pets this summer.


Invest in Pest Preventative Medicines

It is important to regularly give your pets flea and tick medicine but it can be even more important in the warmer months. There are many variations of medicines that you can give to your pets including flea and tick collars and topical ointments on a regular basis. You will want to ensure that you find something that is effective and will want to stick to name brands. Some of the off-brand items may not work as effectively and this is not something you will want to be frugal with.

Purchase a Pest Control Service

Sometimes, the best thing to do is do your best to prevent pests from taking over your home. In the summer months, your pets may be vulnerable inside as well as outside if you do not have a prevention plan. Many pest control companies also offer mosquito services which can reduce the population of mosquitoes around your property. Taking these preventative measures can help both you and your pets stay safe both inside and out.

Inspect Your Pet After Long Periods of Outside Activity

There is no way to completely prevent bugs from coming into contact with your pet but checking for ticks or bee stings often can help tremendously. If you find a tick early enough, it may not have attached yet. If you find any bites or stings, it is important to treat them as soon as possible and with as much care as possible.


Seek Medical Attention If Needed

If you notice that your pet is acting strange or if you suspect that they may have contracted a disease from bugs, be sure to visit a veterinarian as soon as possible. Here at Banning Veterinary Hospital, we offer urgent care hours 5pm – 11pm M-F. Take care of your pet and stop in today for an evaluation to ensure that their health is maintained.


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