Summer pool fun is ideal exercise for your pet, but only if it is done safely. Your pool can pose a risk to your pets if they are not familiar to it and fall in. You also must be aware of the risk posed by pool chemicals and even heat stroke if your dog swims for too long in hot weather. Many of the same products and techniques used to keep kids safe work for poolside pets as well, including:

Pet bull dog in swimming pool on family vacation

Prevent Drowning with Swimming Lessons

Some dogs will take naturally to water and begin to swim, and most cats can swim if they must, but some breeds and pets could struggle with the learning process. Even natural swimmers can benefit from a training session in the pool. You can make sure they can swim safely and be sure they know the way out of the pool. Broad, short legged dogs like corgis, bulldogs and similar breeds may need more assistance than others and may require a life preserver designed specifically for dogs to truly be safe in the pool.

Fencing Saves Lives

A fence around your pool can prevent your dog (and the kids in the neighborhood) from entering the pool area at all or without your knowledge. Even a simple fence can prevent your pets from falling into the pool and drowning.

Alarms and Covers Prevent Accidents

A floating pool alarm can alert you that your dog has fallen (or jumped into) the pool and allow you to provide assistance if needed. A heavy-duty cover designed to childproof your pool can also ensure your pets and the local wildlife can’t take an unauthorized dip.

pomeranian dog swimming in the pool

Prevent Heatstroke

Even supervised pets could become overheated; no matter how much fun your furry swimmer is having, he needs to take regular breaks to cool down and drink fresh water. If you see your dog drinking from the pool, you should redirect him to a nearby freshwater source; he won’t end up consuming chlorinated water.

Keep Chemicals Secure

The chemicals you use to keep your pool crystal clear can harm your pet if ingested; make sure these are stored in a secure spot away from the actual pool area.

If your pet falls in or consumes pool water, we are a phone call away. Preparing your pet ahead of time and taking steps to secure your pool area will go a long way towards preventing poolside accidents and allow you both to enjoy the pool area this summer.


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