You’re almost ready to go – but who will care for your pets while you are away? Choosing between a kennel or boarding facility and a pet sitter can be a challenge; both types of care are offered by people who truly enjoy caring for pets and usually do an excellent job. Consider your dog or cat’s temperament and what level of care they need before deciding. While every service is different, the benefits – and potential drawbacks — of boarding and pet sitting are outlined below:


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If you board your pet in a facility that is attached to a veterinary office, then you know he will always have access to care; this may be the ideal choice if your pet is unwell or a senior, since the team can keep a close eye on him. A boarding facility with a play yard may be a good choice for an active dog; he’ll enjoy playing in the yard and have plenty of social opportunities as well. A boarding facility offers 24 hour care; if the pet sitter you are considering is only visiting once or twice a day, that may not be enough for an active dog. Pets that are easily stressed by a new environment may be uncomfortable at a boarding facility; you know your pet better than anyone and can decide if boarding is going to be too much for him.


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Pet Sitter:

A pet sitter who stays at your home or who stops by once or twice a day may be just what you need if you have cats who are in good health and who do not like to leave the house. A sitter who stays at your home can care for your pet just like you do; they can also help keep your home secure by taking in mail and preventing your house from appealing to thieves. A pet sitter you know may also give your pets more personal attention, particularly if they stay in your home.

Choosing the right pet care will give you peace of mind as you travel and ensure that your beloved pet is in good hands. Consider your pet’s age, health and attitude about leaving the house before deciding, and check reference for any boarding facility or sitter you are thinking of using for best results.

Make sure your boarding facility or pet sitter have all of the information needed to care for your pet – -including our number, just in case!  We’re here for you when you and your pets need us most.


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