You can take your pet with you on vacation, provided you make arrangements in advance and that you are sure your pet is truly ready to travel. Follow these suggestions to make sure your pet enjoys your trip as much as you do and that you both arrive safely at your destination.

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Make Sure your Pet is Ready

To safely travel with you, your pet should be up to date on his vaccinations and healthy enough to enjoy the trip. If your pet is very old, very young, ill or injured, he may be better off with a qualified pet sitter or boarding situation. Your pet’s collar should have secure identification and vaccination tags attached, just in case you become separated. You should also include ID on any carrier you use for travel to ensure that you can be promptly reunited with your pet if needed.

Travel by Car

Secure your pet in a carrier or seat belt as you travel; you’ll be heading to unknown locations and making stops along the way. Having your dog or cat in a secure carrier prevents him from bolting out of the car when you stop. Use a leash for all rest stops and pack plenty of food and water, too.

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Travel by Air

There are a limited number of pet seats or tickets available; you’ll need to book a spot for your pet when you book your own flight. Check with the airline to be sure your pet can travel in the cabin with you if possible and make sure you have the correct carrier (some airlines require hard-sided carriers). According to the Humane Society, air travel is not comfortable for pets, so only bring your pet by air if the benefits of the trip outweigh the risks.


Make sure you choose a hotel that is pet-friendly and that you check for any extra fees before you book. Once you arrive, check in with your pet and make sure you have access to all of the pet friendly amenities your hotel has to offer.

Keeping your pet safe while you travel and when you reach your destination ensures that you both have a fun and restful trip and that you never have to worry about who is caring for your pet while you are away. Contact us if you need help preparing your pet for your journey or if you need assistance determining if he is truly ready to travel with you; we’re here to help you both have a great time on your vacation.


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