Like any good pet owner, making sure that your furry little friend is living the happiest and healthiest life possible is no doubt always one of your top priorities. It’s important to realize, however, that even pet owners with the best of intentions sometimes don’t pay nearly enough attention to oral health in animals. Pet dentistry isn’t just cosmetic or a luxury – it is incredibly important for a host of different reasons that can no longer be ignored.


Why Pet Dentistry is So Important


Periodontal disease is emerging as one of the most common issues in dogs and cats. What’s more is that periodontal disease can have some dire health consequences, not just in terms of swollen gums and poor breath, but it can be damaging to the internal organs if the condition isn’t treated properly.

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Failure to keep tabs on your pet’s oral health can eventually lead to the need to fix oral issues including tooth extraction. Chronic dental disease can lead to liver, kidney, or heart disease.


If oral issues in your dog or cat’s mouth are allowed to go unchecked, you could be opening your pet up to a wide range of other health issues that can adversely affect them for the rest of their lives. Animals with oral issues are more likely to have an increased level of toxins that are absorbed into their bodies through the blood stream. Oral lesions in particular are one of the many ways that these issues develop in pets over time.


Once absorbed, the problem will only get worse if these bacteria are given a chance to reproduce inside the animal’s body. Liver and kidney damage, and heart disease are some of the more serious side effects that can occur as a result.


This is all in addition to the standard issues that dogs and cats with oral problems can face, from malnutrition due to difficulty eating to being in pain at all times. To say that pet dentistry is important is an understatement.


The Power of Pet Dentistry in Action


Pet dentists and other animal healthcare providers have access to the latest in state-of-the-art medical technology to help make sure that your dog or cat doesn’t have to deal with teeth or other oral issues any longer. Many pet dentist techniques and procedures are actually not that different in concept to the ones that traditional dentists perform on humans on a daily basis.

Ultrasonic treatments can be used to rid your dog or cat’s teeth of plaque, for example. Teeth can then be cleaned to have them looking as good as new again. Infected or otherwise damaged teeth can be extracted to avoid pain while eating and damage to other organs such as the liver, kidney and heart.


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