Your dog makes an ideal camping companion and will enjoy the experience as much as you do. It is not difficult to keep your pup safe at camp; the following safety tips will ensure you both enjoy the trip.

5 Ways to Safely Camp with your Dog

Bring a leash, collar and ID: If you get separated, you can be easily reunited if your pet is properly equipped with identification. Make sure dogs are allowed before you head to the campsite and make sure you have any paperwork required.

Be bear aware: You may actually be more likely to encounter a bear if your dog is with you. If your dog runs ahead or encounters a bear, he could end up with more trouble than he bargained for. Add some bells to your pup’s collar so that any wildlife can hear him coming and get out of the way. You should also keep your dog with you at all times to prevent unwanted encounters.

Stash food safely: You already know to secure your own food, but open bags or cans of pet food can also attract attention on the trail or at the campsite. Secure all food, even your pet’s, to prevent wildlife from visiting your camp.

Bring a pet safety kit: Pack a small first aid kit to handle any minor cuts and scrapes your pup picks up on the trail. You’ll be able to prevent infection and ensure that minor wounds stay clean. Be prepared to leave if your pet sustains a more serious injury, just as you would for a human companion.

Clean up after your pet: Keep campgrounds that accept pets happy by picking up your dog’s waste properly. Droppings could also attract the attention of other animals; prompt cleanup ensures this is not an issue.

You can successfully and safely camp with your pet. We recommend making sure your pup is up to date on vaccinations for his safety and pack any medications he regularly takes so you don’t have to worry about his well being on the trail.


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