It can happen in an instant – the door opens and your curious cat or dog slips outside. Your pet could be lost in seconds and join one of millions of displaced animals that enter the shelter system each year. A microchip is one of the ways you can prevent this nightmarish scenario and understanding how microchipping works can help you decide if this is the right approach for your pet.

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What is a Microchip for Pets?

A pet microchip is a small transponder that is permanently embedded under the skin. It is only about the size of a grain of rice and is designed to be safe and easy to implant. Once installed, the chip is activated when scanned – and provides anyone scanning the pet with your contact details. If you’ve ever scanned your own groceries, then you already know how this technology works!

Can a Chip Help Find my Pet?

Each chip has a unique code that is linked to your contact information. While every manufacturer is different, all can be searched and accessed online. A shelter, veterinarian or other animal provider will be able to scan your pet and instantly receive his full contact information. Collars and tags can be lost, but an implanted chip lasts the life of your pet.

Your pet needs to be scanned for the chip to activate; it does not provide a live tracking signal. If your pet is found and brought to a shelter or an office like ours, she will be scanned and if chipped, you will be reunited swiftly.

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Should My Pet be Chipped?

A door left open, a faulty gate latch or any one of a dozen scenarios could lead your pet to become one of the estimated 6 million pets lost each year in the USA.  While a chip will not prevent your pet from being lost, it is your best hope of being reunited. Since the installation process is like a vaccination and does not cause discomfort or need to be repeated, microchipping is one more way to protect your pet.

How can My Pet Get Chipped?

Chipping can be done as part of your pet’s well care. If you have adopted a pet from a shelter, he may actually already have a chip; you should have his details along with his adoption papers. If you are not sure, we can check on your next appointment; scanning is fast, easy and pain free.

Contact us to learn more about keeping your pet happy, safe and well and to find out more about protecting your beloved companion with a microchip. We hope you never need it, but if you do, this valuable tool could be the key to a happy reunion.


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