Even though we’re barely beyond the midway point of 2017, it’s already official – this is the second hottest year on record as far as average daily temperature is concerned. If you think you’re having a hard time dealing with week after week of scorching hot days, imagine how your furry little friends must feel. Thankfully, there are easy-yet-important steps that you can start taking immediately to keep your pets safe.

Know Your Pet’s Natural Limitations

Many people don’t realize that certain pets are more susceptible to issues like overheating than others. According to the ASPCA, animals with flat faces are much more likely to suffer from heat stroke because they can’t pant as effectively as others. As a result, if you own one of these types of pets, you’ll want to keep them in cool, air conditioned rooms as much as you can.

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Likewise, animals with darker fur will also get hot faster than others – it’s the same principle as to why you tend to get hotter when you wear a black shirt versus a white one. Pay close, close attention to these animals and take action whenever warning signs are present.

Be Wary Of Pools

As the weather gets hotter outside and your dogs start to overheat, it can be natural for them to look for a way to cool off. If you have a pool in your backyard that they can easily access, you may notice them spending more time around it than they usually do. Be wary – not all dogs are champion swimmers, but this isn’t necessarily something they can be expected to know themselves.

If you do take your dog in the pool, make sure they wear flotation devices. Also, always rinse your dog off after swimming to remove chlorine and other chemicals from their fur.

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Animals Can Get Sunburn, Too

Many people don’t realize that just because pets have fur doesn’t mean they’re immune to sunburn. Even if you’re heading outside for some exercise with your animal, be sure to make sure they wear the appropriate type of protection and don’t let them stay out in the sun too long. Access to shade is going to be absolutely critical during these periods of the year.

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The health of your pet is not something you want to take for granted – particularly with the temperature outside getting hotter all the time. If you’re in Beaumont, Banning, Cherry Valley, Palm Springs or the surrounding areas and have additional questions about how to care for your dog, your cat or your other furry little friend, don’t delay – contact Banning Veterinary Hospital today.


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