Your cat may spend most of his or her life indoors, but still needs essential well care and vaccinations to stay healthy. Indoor cats can and do slip outside, often when things are busy with lots of arrivals and departures (back to school and Halloween are particularly risky times). Once outside, she could be exposed to wildlife, other cats and other hazards. Getting her vaccinated and spayed will help preserve her good health and even prevent unwanted kittens after an unexpected evening outside.

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Prevent Wandering

Male cats may not end up with kittens after an outside adventure, but your inside male cat may still be more likely to attempt to wander outdoors if he is not neutered. Neutering him preserves his health and prevents wandering and territorial behavior. We recommend neutering your male cat to keep him safe and prevent a heightened interest in outside exploration.

Prevent Accidental Litters

If your female cat slips outside for even a short period, you could end up with an unexpected surprise a few weeks later. There are also health benefits to spaying your female cat, even if she never goes outside. A cat that has been spayed can’t suffer from reproductive cancers or related issues, since the corresponding organs have been removed.

Vaccines Keep your Pet Safe

Keeping your pet up to date on vaccines even if she never goes outside (on purpose) will prevent a simple escape from becoming a health crisis. If she encounters another cat or even the local wildlife, she could be exposed to a dangerous illness. Vaccines keep her safe and give you peace of mind.

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Practical Matters

If you board your cat or hire a pet sitter, you may be required to provide proof of vaccination before your pet will be accepted. Getting this at the last minute can disrupt your travel and may even make it difficult to find quality care. A high quality facility or provider will insist that all pets be vaccinated, even if they are strictly indoor.

By keeping your cat indoors, you’ve already made the wise decision to prolong her life and protect her health — take things one step further and ensure she is protected with the right vaccines and a spay or neuter surgery. You’ll both benefit from having a safe, healthy, happy pet.


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