You love your pet, you really do, but you have to admit that sometimes you get so busy that you forget about an upcoming appointment or to schedule a refill for your pet’s medication. You’re only human, after all. Luckily, there’s a free online service called Petly that pulls together all that information and more, and you can sign up for it right on Banning Veterinary Hospital’s website, You’ll always have all the important data for your pet ready to go, which saves time for you and your vet.


Founded in 1979, Banning Veterinary Hospital in Banning, California has grown to serve such areas as Palm Springs, White Water, Yucaipa, Idyllwild, Poppet Flats, Cherry Valley, Cabazon, and Beaumont. The 14,000-square feet building is a state-of-the-art facility that includes 11 private exam rooms.


Banning Veterinary Hospital already lets you schedule appointments online and request refills for your pet’s medication right on its website.  It offers Petly too. You can sign up using your email address. You’ll have to fill in personal information for yourself and your pet. Petly encourages you to post pictures of your precious furry baby for fun and for easy identification. If you ever move or get a new phone number or email address, updating your info on Petly is a breeze.


You can access basic information on your Petly account, including your pet’s shot records. You can access these anytime you want, and, if you believe that your pet is unwell, you can review a database of potential medical issues that could be causing those symptoms. While that doesn’t substitute for a visit with a trained veterinarian, it does give you some peace of mind until your appointment.

While you can use the Banning Veterinary Hospital website to refill your pet’s prescriptions, Petly offers the same service. You can also book an appointment on your account. If you want, you can share any fun information and pictures of your pet to Facebook, where you can connect with other Petly users and check out their pet’s profiles. Why not make a Petly account today? To learn more, contact Banning Veterinary Hospital by phone or by email.


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