Tired of the battle that comes when you need to get your cat into the carrier for a visit to the vet or a ride in the car? These pet friendly ideas are designed to help you get kitty safely inside – without traumatizing him or risking a bite or scratch.

Make the Carrier a Familiar Spot

If you only break out the carrier when you are planning on doing something unpleasant (i.e. moving, riding in the car or visiting the vet), your cat will naturally loathe it. Most cats are smart enough to make the connection between the carrier and a less than fun experience and will run at the first sign of the carrier. Combat this by placing the carrier in a favored spot and leaving the door open; doing this on a day when you have no intention of going anywhere can help your cat make different associations with the carrier and make it easier to get him inside later. It may take awhile, but if your cat sees the carrier as a cozy spot that occasionally moves, he’ll be a lot less resistant.


Add Preferred Items

Adding a favorite blanket, toy or treat can make the carrier seem like less of a punishment. A few bits of food, a favorite item or even some pheromone spray can help attract your cat to the carrier.

Slow and Steady

If you chase your cat, grab him abruptly and shove him into the carrier, he will hate it, no matter how many treats you stuff inside. Approach your cat slowly and gently pick him up, A back foot first approach to an upright carrier can help reduce his stress and make it easier to get him inside.

Once your cat is inside, make it easier on him by moving the carrier with care and placing it away from any obvious stressors. The less stress your cat has once he is inside the carrier and your trip is underway, the easier it will be to get him inside the next time you need to go somewhere.



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