The Holidays are almost here! Along with increased shopping, ringing doorbells,  marathon gift wrapping sessions, ugly sweater parties and endless goodies, this season brings a whole host of  dangers for your four footed family members. While all pet parents are aware of the Big Bad Four: (chocolate, fruitcake, mistletoe and poinsettias) as you decorate your home and prepare to welcome family and friends, take a moment to consider these surprising hazards:

16794265 - cat play with balls on a christmas tree

The Christmas Tree

Is it wobbly or standing stable? Are the lights strung securely (you checked for frayed wiring there, right?). Christmas tree balls look like tennis balls- are they unbreakable and securely hung out of reach? How about those treasured glass ornaments? That beautifully strung popcorn is a choking peril, tinsel garland can slice into a tongue (or intestines if swallowed) and strung cranberries are all on the naughty list for dogs.

Gifts and Wrap

Gift-wrap, ribbon (curling ribbon in particular), nametags and string can all become choking hazards. Scissors, tape dispensers and pens can be snatched up and disappear in a playful instant. Box cutters used to open delivered boxes can be deadly if not closed and secured safely.

33473495 - couple wrapping christmas gifts at home

Guests Can Be an Unexpected Hazard

Of course, your friends and family all love your pets, but if they do not have pets themselves, they could accidently expose your furry companions to harm.  A purse or bag placed on a chair for a moment is an inviting display of makeup, cigarettes, gum and even prescription medications. Make sure you designate a secure spot for belongings- preferably high or behind closed doors.

Candles are beautiful and – ‘just a bite’ of people food is tempting, but your pets are relying on you to help them safely enjoy the fun, sights and sounds of the coming season. Be cautious as you prepare for it. As always, if you are concerned or something goes wrong, we’re here to help when you need us, even after hours and on weekends!


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