It’s the highlight of the season for kids and families, but Halloween poses some risks for the family pet. From the increased amount of tempting and dangerous foods to the potential flight risk (from all that door answering) and even hazards from costumes, here’s what to watch for as Halloween draws near.

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Hide the Candy

The candy you hand out to trick or treaters poses a hazard to your curious pets. Chocolate is toxic for both cats and dogs; the artificial sweeteners in some candies are harmful as well. Even the plastic wrappers can be dangerous if ingested, so store candy in a high cabinet or shelf out of reach until the big day. On Halloween, place the candy bowl on the porch away from pets or on a high surface to keep your pet from accessing it.

Block the Door

One of the biggest risks on Halloween night is escape or elopement. Your normally indoor pet could easily slip out the door while you are distracted by young visitors. Confine your inside pets to another room for the duration of trick or treating and you won’t have to worry about them slipping out when you are not looking. If your pet has anxiety or gets excited when the doorbell rings, keeping them in a room away from the door with some favorite possessions can help reduce their discomfort, too.

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Choose Costumes Wisely

They’re funny and downright adorable, but make sure the costume you choose fits your pet and is safe for him to wear. Your costume should be free of attached items that would be dangerous or pose a choking hazard if removed. Long strands and ties are also out; they could entangle your pet and cause an injury. Choosing a costume designed for pets and picking the right size can protect your pet when he dresses up for Halloween.

Simply being aware of the risks and preparing accordingly can help keep your pet safe this Halloween. As always, if you have any problems or concerns, contact our office for immediate assistance, even on the weekend. We’re here to help you both enjoy a happy, healthy Halloween!


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