Pets are often our best friends and that means we want to take the best care of them possible. There are plenty of ways that we can keep our pets safe this summer and knowing a bit about them can make a huge difference. Here are a few tips to get your pet ready for the dog days of summer.


  • Hair Cuts- this is a very important step especially if you have a pet that is going to be outside often.  Long, thick coats on outdoor dogs can lead to heat stroke, attract foxtails and may result in hotspots.
  • Sunscreen – White, light or thin haired dogs benefit from sunscreen in areas they cannot lick off.  A thin t-shirt may help reduce exposure to backs and bellies.
  • Heat Exhaustion- this is one thing that many pet parents have a hard time paying close attention to. They may be having so much fun that they don’t realize that their pet needs to take a break and cool down. Make sure your pets are getting enough water and that they take a few minutes to cool down every now and again and to make sure that if you see any signs of heat stroke or exhaustion you make sure they get water and rest immediately. If their temperature exceeds 104° they need a cold bath.  If it exceeds 106° they need immediate medical attention.


  • Fleas and Ticks – Ticks are capable of carrying severe diseases.  If you find ticks on your dog or cat, clear out wildlife if possible, use Nexgard or Frontline Plus monthly to kills ticks that bite and have the exterminator spray your yard.
  • Fleas cause itching in many, but not all, animals.  The difficulty with fleas in the Pass Area is that numbers are frequently very low.  Thus, finding the fleas may be difficult.  Even your vet may miss them.  Look for them frequently.  If you find even one, you need to use flea medicines such as Nexgard or Frontline Plus for 2 months to rid your yard of them.
  • Water Safety- Though most animals can swim, if you are getting your animal out in the pool make sure you wash them thoroughly after and clean all the chlorine out of their fur so that their skin stays supple and hydrated. If you are swimming in open water a life vest may also be a good option for keeping your pet safe.

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