Your pup is a member of the family, and bringing him on the family vacation can be part of the fun. Thankfully many resorts and hotels finally realize this – instead of banishing your dog to a far away kennel or allowing you to walk him, but not have him in your room, you can now be together in one place. Some research is needed to determine what a hotel’s pet policy is and you should include your pet on your reservation to be sure you won’t encounter a problem when you arrive.

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Big Names Lead the Way

In early 2018, Disney announced they would be allowing dogs in select hotels as guests. Many smaller brands and chains followed suit. If you have visited a destination in the past that did not allow pets, it may be time to take a fresh look. Typing the name of the establishment into Google with “pet policy” can yield the details you need.

Pet Reservations and Services

A quick search of the location you plan on visiting with the term “pet friendly hotel” can yield some starting points. It is important to ask where the pets can go, though. Calling the hotel directly can help you determine if that pet friendly policy means your dog can share your room or if they simply have a kennel on the premises. Locations vary, even within a single chain or brand, so calling first can put your mind at ease.

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During a declared state of emergency like a hurricane or wildfire, some hotels that do not normally accept pets begin to do so. This should not be part of your vacation plans but if you need a pet friendly hotel during an evacuation situation, then you should know that most locations will open their doors to all family members, even the four legged ones.

Before you go, your pet needs to be up to date on vaccinations and have the documents to prove it. When you plan a trip, make your pet’s reservations or plans at the same time, whether you bring him along, hire a pet sitter or send him to a boarding facility. We can help you make sure your pup is ready for the trip and that he has everything he needs to enjoy the pet friendly hotel you have chosen.


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