Active dog breeds like terriers, bird dogs and herding breeds have been bred to stay busy. Often, people underestimate how much activity these working dogs need when selecting a puppy.  Active dogs require hours of exercise each day, and if they get bored, they will develop bad habits like chewing furniture, digging up your landscaping, and barking constantly.


These dog toys will keep your active dog busy, so he/she won’t drive you crazy.


  1. Fetch Toys
  • Tennis Ball Launchers— There are several launchers on the market that will fling one or more tennis balls through the air to fetch.
  • Boomer Ball--The Boomer ball is a large, puncture-resistant ball that your pup can chase through the yard.
  • Hydro Ball–The Hydro Ball is made of tough rubber with a foam core. You can soak the ball in water and let your dog chew and chase the ball while cooling off on hot days.


  1. Food Treat Toys

Toys like the Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble, Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid, or the Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Maze allows owners to fill the gadget with dog food and let the dog feed himself. These toys are cleverly designed, giving intelligent dogs oral as well as mental stimulation. Buy several of these treat toys, and hide them all over the house to keep your dog busy while you’re gone.  Warning: All chew toys and treats must be carefully tested with your dog to make sure he/she won’t eat parts of toys and end up needing expensive surgery.


  1. Tugging Toys

Some dog’s favorite game is tug of war. You can buy a tether tug, so your dog can play tug of war whenever he wants. This is especially useful for large, strong dogs that will drag you all over the place when playing tug of war.  Warning: Beware of dogs willing to tug hard enough to damage teeth.

An active dog can make a wonderful pet, but you have to learn to work with his/her nature, rather than against it. Channel your pup’s playfulness into appropriate activities, and you will enjoy him/her much more.


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