Both dogs and cats can develop diabetes, just like humans do. And just like humans, your pet needs to be regularly monitored and follow specific guidelines if he is diagnosed with diabetes. Your vet can run tests to determine if your pet has diabetes and what type and severity they have; you’ll also receive detailed instructions for helping your pet live a long, healthy happy life with the condition.

How can I tell if my pet has diabetes?

Your vet can tell you for sure, but looking for some common signs can let you know that you need to investigate his condition. Changes in appetite, extreme thirst, lethargy, skin injections and increased urination are all common signs of diabetes, according to the PetMD. Pets that are older or obese are more likely to develop this condition, but it could occur at any time. Your vet can do bloodwork and other tests to let you know for sure.

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How is pet diabetes treated?

Lifestyle and diet changes are a start, but some pets will also require an oral medication each day or even insulin injections. The level of care and treatment needed will depend on whether your pet has Type I or Type 2 diabetes and the level of severity of his condition. In most cases, simple changes and care can make a world of difference for your pet.

You may need to add some daily exercise into his routine, serve up healthy food or a specialty diet and even give him a daily pill or injection. Any or all of these methods can help limit the impact diabetes has on his life.

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If your pet has diabetes, you need to take special care with human food, trash and other hazards; any of these items could be even more harmful to your special needs dog or cat than they are to typical healthy pets. You should also let any pet sitter, care giver or other provider know about your pet’s condition so he can be treated promptly if he has a crisis while in someone else’s care. A special tag can be added to his color to let people know about his diabetes if he is lost.

At Banning, we understand that pets with special needs and conditions like diabetes need prompt attention and that even minor illness could easily become a crisis. Contact us when you need emergency care for your pet or if you suspect he has an issue with diabetes; we’re here to help you both.


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