Just because the winter temperature around here doesn’t drop below zero like it does in other parts of the country, doesn’t mean that your pets don’t need protection. Use these cold weather tips to keep your pets safe from harm all season long.


Let Your Pet’s Hair Grow Out


If you’re a proud dog owner who likes to keep your furry little friend tidy all throughout the year, you may want to consider letting his or her coat grow out just a little bit longer than normal during the winter. Doing so will give them an extra layer of protection that will come in handy during a walk.


Provide a Place to Avoid the Elements


If your dog or cat has a place to get out of the cold such as a dog house or garage, he/she will live much happier with changes in the weather.  Make the space water and wind proof, with a nice blanket and the winter will be much easier.


Know the Warning Signs

Above all else, keep in mind that there is no hard and fast rule that works for all animals regarding how long they can stand to be outside in the chilly weather. Whereas one dog may run and play all day, another might only last a half hour before he needs to go inside. Know your animal and pay attention to specific warning signs like difficulty walking, shallow breathing, shivering, whining  and more.


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