Your dog’s ears can cause him great discomfort if they are not cleaned regularly; without regular inspection and cleaning, you won’t know that something is wrong until he is in pain. An ear infection can cause more than discomfort – dogs invariably scratch at their ears – and can cause lasting damage or even hearing loss. Learning how to clean your dog’s ears can prevent the discomfort and ensure he always feels his best, too.

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Why Clean his Ears?

Keeping your dog’s ears healthy contributes to his overall wellbeing; when you inspect and clean his ears as a regular part of your grooming routine, you’ll notice any problems right away. Your dog’s ear canals are shaped differently from yours and debris and moisture can build up inside – triggering an infection. Cleaning reduces risk and ensures your pup stays healthy.

How to Clean your Dog’s Ears

  • Start with a visual inspection; if you clean his ears regularly, you’ll know what they should look like. Note dirt and debris or unusual conditions. These could be signs of pending trouble. If your dog has floppy ears, lift them up so you can see the entire ear.
  • Use a product specifically for cleaning ears; it needs to be a product made specifically for dogs, over the counter or prescription remedies for humans should not be used on pets.
  • Gently spray or wipe the interior of your dog’s ears with a soft cloth saturated with cleaning product; you can use a liquid provided by your vet or an all in one cleaning cloth. Dab away any debris (don’t dig into the ear canal) and repeat for the other ear.

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Regularly cleaning your pup’s ears ensures you know what they look like when they are healthy and that you can spot the signs of trouble (redness, mites, debris) early and seek prompt treatment. If you do spot a problem, or if your dog is scratching his ears or shaking his head, we’re here to help. Contact us for a quick office visit – we’ll check his ears and show you the right way to clean them, too!


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