Cats are really good at hiding injuries and illness – but some conditions require prompt medical treatment if they are going to get better. Here are some clear warning signs that your cat needs to be seen by a veterinarian; if you see one of more of these issues, contact us right away:

sick cat with ice pack and thermometer isolated on white background

  • Vomiting: A single episode of vomiting may not be a big deal, but repeated purging, or vomiting that accompanies behavioral changes, lethargy or diarrhea warrants a call to the vet, just in case.
  • Coughing or breathing difficulties: A cat that is coughing could have something trapped in his airway or be struggling to breathe. Breathing issues, extreme coughing that doesn’t stop or blue tinted gums mean your pet needs to be seen right away.
  • Sudden lack of appetite: If your cat usually charges the food bowl and wolfs everything down – and suddenly has no interest, it could be a sign that something is wrong. A single missed meal may not be a big deal, particularly if you’ve recently changed his diet or are offering a new food, but multiple missed meals and a lack of interest in eating warrants a call to the vet.
  • Changes in activity level or movement: If your cat is usually active and suddenly wants to remain in one location, or seems to be walking differently, he could be hiding an injury. Changes in the way he moves or his activity level could be a sign of discomfort, so check him carefully for injury and monitor his activity levels. If things worsen or he seems in discomfort, it’s time to call in an expert.

Two cute little kittens peeking out from under the soft warm blue blanket

If your cat is very old, very young or has recently been ill, even mild seeming symptoms could be a sign of a deeper issue. Contact us if you are concerned about your cat and we’ll make sure that we figure out what is going on and provide the best possible care.


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