Older dogs face specific health challenges and might need some additional help and attention as they age. While breeds vary, by the time your dog is about seven years old, he can be considered a senior pet, according to the American Veterinary Medicine Association. Most dogs that are seven years of age can be considered to be about 45-55 years old in human years, so taking some extra care can ensure that your dog stays healthy and active during his golden years.

Visit the Vet

Maintaining your senior pet’s health and wellness by visiting the vet each year can ensure that he stays fit and healthy. Your vet can help you determine how well your pet is doing and spot any signs of trouble early, before they have a chance to grow into a more severe problem. Keeping your pet up to date on vaccines and on regular flea and heartworm preventatives can also help protect his health as he ages. You should also seek out urgent care if your pet seems to be in distress or is injured; an older pet may not cope with injury or recover as well as he once did; delaying treatment could cause further harm.

Vet giving an injection to a pekingese

Maintain his Teeth

Regular brushing isn’t just for humans; if you take care of your dog’s teeth as he ages, he will be able to continue enjoying the foods he loves. Being aware of his mouth and knowing what it looks like when he is healthy can help you detect tooth and mouth problems and seek out treatment if you suspect a problem, too.  Depending on the dog, we recommend a dental cleaning every 6 to 18 months.

Red chihuahua dog with toothbrush isolated on white background. Closeup.

Adaptive Devices

Just like humans, older dogs can suffer from arthritis and a variety of ailments that make it difficult to keep up and move around as they once did. Offering your pet items designed just for seniors can ease his pain and allow him to continue doing his favorite activities. From elevated, comfortable beds to raised food and water bowls and even ramps for your vehicle, adaptive devices can help your dog in a variety of ways.

With the right care, your senior dog can live a long and healthy life and continue to be a treasured companion for years to come.  

Purebred Golden Retriever dog outdoors on a sunny summer day.


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