You’ve done a great job caring for your expectant mother, but what happens when the babies arrive? Setting up a safe and comfortable spot and letting your cat do what comes naturally to her is usually the best course of action; learning more about what kittens need will help you determine if you need to intervene. You’ll also feel better if you know what to expect and get peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to keep your cat and her babies healthy.

Prepare a comfortable, safe spot: Your mother cat will naturally seek out a safe, warm location for giving birth and caring for her kittens. Offering a tempting spot up front allows you to choose a location away from noise, other pets and kids. Letting the mama cat choose could result in a delivery in your bathroom closet or on your bed.

Visit the Vet: We can help confirm your cat is expecting and provide you with some guidance about her health and needs. In general, she’ll need plenty of food and water in the days after delivery, since she will be nursing multiple kittens. You should also prepare for the possibility that a kitten could be rejected by her mother or fail to nurse successfully. You may have to intervene and get any kitten that is struggling to the office or to a shelter prepared to bottle feed. Never give a kitten cow’s milk, even if they appear to be struggling it will upset their stomach. A preparation specifically designed for kittens can be used if needed. As your kittens grow, they will venture further from mom and be able to consume small amounts of wet food.

Let mom take the lead: Your cat will almost certainly know what to do instinctively. Newborn kittens need to be kept warm, fed regularly and helped with elimination if needed. You should only intervene if the kittens are in a precarious location or if one or more appears to be rejected or struggling. In that case,  contact us right away, we are here after hours and on weekends, just in case.

Most mother cats have easy, successful deliveries and begin caring for their newborns at once; allowing her to follow her instincts is likely all you need to do for your new batch of kittens for the first few weeks.If you have any concerns about your kittens, the mom or any aspect of her care, we are here for you! Get in touch when you need help; our goal is to help you both have a successful delivery and healthy kittens.


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