Some emergencies are obvious – if your pet has been struck by a car or you find your dog happily lapping up a pile of anti-freeze, you know you need to call us right away. Other signs may be more subtle, but taking prompt action could save your pet’s life. Here’s what to watch for and when to call us right away.

English bulldog with first aid kit isolated

Your normally healthy pet can’t walk or stand. This is an emergency, because your pet could be suffering from anything from a brain or neurological condition to an injury or trauma that you are not aware of. Contact us if your pet is struggling to stand or can’t walk without assistance.


Pain in the litter box. A cat that is crying from pain while trying to urinate needs emergency help. According to the ASPCA, a male with a urinary tract blockage could be in mortal peril within 12-24 hours if not treated.


Difficulty breathing. If your normally fit and healthy pet can’t breathe or is struggling to breathe, it is time to call us. Respiratory emergencies need to be seen right away and struggling for breath could be a sign of several different types of problems; one of our vets can help determine what is going on with your pet.

Cat with a first aid kit. Isolated on white.


Visible bite wounds. If your pet has tangled with the local wildlife, it is time to come in for an emergency appointment, even if your pet has had his shots. An animal bite could rapidly become infected and if you did not see what bit your pet or suspect a snakebite, there could be toxins present as well.


Vomiting or diarrhea. If your pet is vomiting excessively or having multiple bouts of diarrhea, then it is time to call us for an appointment. Vomiting and diarrhea could be a sign that your pet has consumed something he should not have, from a toxic plant to a human food that is hazardous for pets.


Learning more about the signs of an emergency allows you to take prompt action and get your pet the care he needs. Contact us right away if you see any of the above signs and we’ll be able to help right away.


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