She may seem self sufficient and even wary of strangers, so leaving your cat alone while you travel sounds like a good idea – but in reality, this practice could be putting your pet at risk. Leaving your home for work or other activities obviously is no problem, but when your time away stretches past 24 hours, it is time to make some arrangements.

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Worries About Food and Water

If you work long hours or need to be away for longer than usual, an automatic feeder can dispense food and water while you are away. Relying on these for more than convenience or using them in lieu of a pet sitter could put your cat at risk. A power failure or mechanical malfunction could leave your kitty without food or water for the duration of your trip.

Safety Hazards

They may have 9 lives, but cats are still at risk of illness or injury, just like any other pet. If your cat were to fall, develop an infection or become ill, you would not know it until you returned. Having someone care for your pet while you are gone ensures she receives prompt medical attention if she needs it. Even getting trapped in a room or entangled in a cord or your blinds could be a risk if you are not there to perform a prompt rescue.

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Keep Her Company

Your indoor cat relies on you for companionship. Disappear and it could be very stressful for her, even if she is aloof by nature. A daily visit from a sitter or friend allows her to interact with someone or at the very least, know someone else is there.

Leaving your cat alone while you travel could end in disaster. Instead, have a trusted friend or pet sitter check in on your cat once a day when you are going to be gone more than 24 hours. The cost is minimal and you’ll get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your pet is in good hands while you are away.


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