Want to add a new addition to your family, but worried about allergies? A cat may be your answer, if you choose a breed known for being hypoallergenic. No dog or cat is completely free of allergens, but some cat breeds offer a very low risk of allergic side effects. The risk is so low that they are referred to as hypoallergenic breeds — and anyone but the most extreme allergy sufferers can enjoy them as companions. 

4 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds 

Devon Rex: This petite and friendly feline already has very short hair, which helps with allergies. They also shed very little, so there is less hair and dander in the home. Choose one of these friendly, affectionate cats if you want a constant companion without getting the sniffles. Another “Rex” cat, the Cornish Rex, is also a good match for allergic family members. 

Javanese: He may look like a typical tabby, but the Javanese is the Einstein of the cat world. Highly intelligent and medium-sized, these cats are not only low in allergens, they are clever enough to be trained well. This is a friendly, curious, chatty breed, so be prepared for an active and fun companion. 

Sphynx: A true extrovert and performer, the slim and active Sphynx is naturally allergen free. Sphynx cats actually do have some fur, but it is very fine and sparse. These cats love attention and will engage with everyone, making them an ideal pick for a family with kids. 

Russian Blue: Easy to recognize by its distinctive grey-blue coat, Russian Blue cats are adept at entertaining themselves and enjoy quiet time alone. This makes them an ideal companion for someone who works or is gone for part of the day. They are also notably allergen free and less likely to shed than other short-haired breeds. 

If you long for the companionship and fun that comes with a cat, but are worried about allergies, one of the above breeds is an ideal choice; taking some time to get to know a specific breed in person can let you know right away if you’ll be allergic — but chances are, one or more of the above cats will suit your needs. 


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