The foods you give your dog have a direct impact on his health; too many people foods, the wrong kind of food or allowing poor behaviors to continue could have a negative impact on his health and his ability to interact with you and your family. Avoid these common feeding mistakes and you’ll both feel better:

Feeding from the table: Both portion size and the suitability of the food are questionable when your dog begs from the table. Allowing your pet to beg while you eat also encourages this behavior and may lead to other problems with food. Resist the urge to share, no matter how cute he is, and you both will benefit. 

Offering pet food designed for other animals: If you have other pets, their food should not be accessible to your dog. Dog food is formulated with the specific needs of dogs in mind; if he binges on your rabbit food or even cat food, he won’t get the right amount of nutrition, and could even make himself sick. 

Allowing guarding: While you should make sure that your dog has a safe, secure place to eat, you should not encourage him to guard his food. Pretending to take his food or allowing him to protect it while he is a cute little puppy could lead to aggression and behavior problems later. 

Giving the wrong food for his age: Puppy food is formulated differently and designed for growing pups; allow your grown up dog to continue dining on puppy chow and he may become obese. Adult dogs have different nutrition needs from puppies and seniors, so for best results, choose the best food for your pup’s current age

Table scraps and people food: Your dog is not a garbage disposal, so the remnants of a meal for humans are generally not good for him. High calorie ingredients, spices and foods that are unsafe for dogs could find their way onto his plate if you give him leftovers. 

Stick to food and treats designed for dogs and you won’t have to worry about food harming your pet or impacting his behavior. You’ll both feel better when you know he is getting healthy, age and species appropriate food. 


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