Whether you add a cute Santa suit for Christmas, dress your pet to keep him warm or just love the look of a dog or cat in clothes, learning more about wearables and safety helps ensure your pet loves his clothes as much as you do.

Safely Dressing your Pet

three-month white smooth coat Chihuahua dressed in autumn suit stays on a tile at a backyard

Don’t Force an Unwilling Pet into Clothing

Some pets simply don’t like clothing or accessories and will struggle when you try to get them to don a hat, jacket or dress. Struggling can actually damage the clothing and your pet could swallow a stray button, thread or component. Stick to dressing the pets that enjoy it and you’ll both have a better experience.

Choose Clothing Made for Pets

Clothing made for pets is designed to be safe, without small parts that could be harmful if chewed or removed. Some fabrics are better than others, even if the piece is pet safe; very loosely woven fabric can snag nails while thick fabric may cause your pet to feel overheated.

Ginger cat wearing red bow tie

Get a Proper Fit

A piece that is too large could pose a hazard if your pet gets entangled or trips over the excess fabric, while a piece that is too small can restrict movement and cause discomfort.

Supervise During Use

Even the safest garment could pose a hazard; your pet could become entrapped or tangled up in a cord or other household item. Supervising properly also allows you to spot and discourage any destructive chewing.

Buying clothing specifically designed for pets, making sure it fits and supervising your pet during use allows you to enjoy the fun of dress up without putting your pet at risk. For more pet safety tips and tricks, follow our blog – and if you ever do have a problem, we’re here for you when you need us most.


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