Cats have an instinctive need to hunt that can sometimes be fulfilled with toys, but you may feel like your pet is missing out. While opening the front door and letting her outside is an option, it is not a good idea. Cats left to roam outside risk injury and exposure to illness and parasites. If your cat is not spayed or neutered, it could also wander from home and contribute to the growing cat population crisis. There are ways to safely explore the outdoors and enjoy some sunshine without risk; here are a few of our favorites.

3 Ways to Let your Cat Enjoy the Outdoors, Risk Free

On a Leash: A leash with a harness is the easiest way to let your cat explore with you, provided he is willing to wear it. Some cats love the idea — others rebel at once, and either flop on the ground and refuse to move or entangle themselves on the nearest object. If your cat finds the harness acceptable, though, it is a safe way to explore with you.

Create a Secure Outdoor Spot: If you are willing to supervise and have a yard with a large (5 feet or higher) fence, then you can supervise kitty outside. You need to be sure the yard is secure and that you are watching out for him. Freedom is just a quick climb away so you’ll need to be vigilant.

Buy an Enclosure: You can purchase an enclosure specifically designed for letting cats or other pets stay outside safely. Often sold as rabbit or chicken enclosures, this alternative offers your cat a chance to roll in the grass, watch the birds and explore without risk.

While these measures will allow your cat to enjoy some of the great outdoors without risking injury, she still needs to be vaccinated and protected against fleas and parasites once you allow her to spend time outside. Contact us to learn more about caring for your cat and protecting her from harm; we’re here on a walk-in basis whenever you need us.


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