Heading to the beach? Your dog will love to come along, and frolicking in the surf is great exercise for him, too. Preparing for your trip by packing him his own beach supplies and then making sure you give him a good bath afterwards will ensure you both have plenty of fun and that his skin and ears stay clean and clear afterwards. Here’s what to know as you take your pup to the beach for some summer fun:

golden retriever puppies on a beach

Prepare in Advance

Make sure the beach you are considering is dog friendly and that you have everything you need for your pets. Some beaches allow dogs year-round, while others do so only at select times; you should also check to see if your pup can play off leash while he is there. Be prepared with supplies, too, from pet-friendly sunscreen or shade for dogs with light colored or short fur to a water bowl and pick up bags, too.

Watch out for Hazards

With wide open sands and rolling waves, the beach has plenty to occupy your pet and ensure he gets a workout. There are some hazards to be aware of, from choppy, unsafe water to the trash left behind by other beachgoers. Watch your pet at the beach to be sure he doesn’t go too far and don’t let him consume items he finds on the sand or washed up in the surf. Some dogs are naturally great swimmers; but if your companion isn’t one of them, a life jacket can help keep him safe.

A little girl with blonde hair, in her swimmers, sitting at the beach next to a pure bred wire hair/ rough coated Jack Russell Terrier dog, they are looking away from the camera towards the waves, girl is hugging dog with her left arm, her face is touching the dog's face.

Clean Up Afterwards

If there is an on-site shower available, rinse your dog carefully to remove saltwater and sand from his coat. You’ll need to give him a bath when he gets home – the seawater will make his coat dull and could even cause irritation to his skin. If your dog has floppy ears that hang down, ask us for an ear cleaning solution; use this after a beach trip to ensure his ears don’t become inflamed or infected.

Properly preparing for your trip and making sure your pup is cleaned up afterwards ensures he gets all the benefits of a day at the beach without any lingering sunburn or skin discomforts. Learn more about caring for and enjoying your dog by following our blog; we update regularly with tips, news and trends just for pet owners.


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