Injuries and some illnesses simply can’t be prevented, but some common pet health concerns can be avoided. Learning more about obesity, parasite prevention and caring for your pet’s teeth can help you avoid some of the most common health complaints and ensure your pet looks and feels his best, all year round.

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Being overweight makes your pet more susceptible to everything from heart trouble and diabetes to painful joints and trouble moving around. It’s tough to deny that adorable face, but it is in your pet’s best interest to feed him a healthy diet and restrict the amount of junk and “people food” he gets. By sticking to a firm feeding schedule and offering rewards that are not food based, you can be sure your pet maintains a healthy weight and avoids the common issues triggered by obesity.


Fleas ticks and even internal parasites can impact your pet’s skin, behavior and overall health. Offering regular preventatives can prevent the misery that accompanies a flea infestation, and even help your pet avoid tick bites and heartworm. Offering these preventatives on a regular basis will keep your cat or dog free of harmful parasites and the common health issues they cause.

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Dental Problems

Breaking out the toothbrush for your pet on a regular basis is an affordable way to make sure his mouth and teeth stay healthy. Over time, plaque buildup can damage your pet’s teeth and mouth, making it painful and difficult for him to eat and even triggering infection and other problems. Offering treats designed to promote oral health, seeing your vet regularly and even brushing your pet’s teeth can help prevent the most common dental complaints and improve his overall well being.

Each of these ailments is a common reason to visit the vet, but each is preventable with a little bit of foreknowledge and care. Taking preventative measures can help you improve your pet’s health and wellbeing and ensure he stays illness free.


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